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Q: Do you think there really could be people from other planets like in Dragonball Z? Why?
I've got 3 kids who seem to be in constant competition with one another. The oldest seems to always end up on top, I guess because he's the oldest. How can I reduce this competetive edge?
A. No, because they would already be here and I haven't seen any Sayans around lately.
We experience alot of the same with my 2 boys, and what I try is to have each of my boys get together with friends of their own age level and try to demonstrate how much more competive it is with a more even match than with their younger brothers. When my boys play together, I try to explain to the older one that he needs to act more like a coach or a teacher when playing with his younger brother. Still, I always tell my little guy, "Someday you"ll be big too.