The Delbo Cartoon Camp is an Adventure into the Arts and Beyond. It was created by artists and educators as a place for kids, ages 5-14, to explore their inner talents and abilities through a wide variety of fun and exciting activities. Since it began over three years ago, it has taken the town by storm. Television Stations from Miami to West Palm Beach have visited the camp and run special news features on the unique camp program. One nationally broadcast television show, "Cartooning with Blitz", even flew its crew to Boca Raton to feature the Cartoon Camp on its show. Feature stories in the Boca Raton News, Parenting Plus Magazine and Boca Kidz Family Magazine have each had very interesting and very positive things to say. Camp Staff have visited local schools, including Boca Raton Middle, Morikami Park, Calusa, Orchard View and several more, providing free workshops for the students. But beyond press coverage and community involvement, the real test of the program is what the Campers and their Parents themselves have to say about their real-life experiences.
Opening Night of
X-Men -The Movie
When the X-Men came to the new Muvico theatre in Boca Raton, they invited celebrity cartoonist Jose Delbo to entertain the crowds. Mr. Delbo and the staff of the Cartoon Camp and the Cartoon Museum are pictured here autograghing drawings and answering questions.