The Billionaire Boot Camp is introduced to All Camp Hollywood Studios participants through a reality TV Gameshow format taking place regularly during their 2 to 8 week summer session.
Billionaire Boot Camp
A Character Building Adventure in Entrepreneurship
Program Highlights

A real world Money Making Adventure

Also See Camp Hollywood Studios .com for more daily activities. This program is designed for YoungStars of all shapes and sizes, who will play, learn and compete to earn scholarships and prizes and make money and memories. But most importantly to ignite dreams and provide resources to empower the pursuit of success.
Kids love making money, and when you learn about the things you love, you love to learn.

The 'Small Business Administration' reports, “students who participate in entrepreneurship programs demonstrate increased initiative and self-confidence.” Remember the childhood thrill of managing your very own Lemonade stand or something like it? An enterprising attitude needs cultivation as early as elementary school and business resource development in making money needs to be an opportunity for elementary school kids right up through high school.

By introducing creative and fun game elements into a program geared to teach real world money making entrepreneurial character, kids will catch a peak into the world of business development and ownership. Success in the game will depend part on the character of the participant who will demonstrate skill in completing a variety of task assignments and on the element of chance and how they handle some unexpected obstacles along the way.

Contestants are on the reality TV Gameshow in production at Camp Hollywood Studios, called Billionaire Boot Camp . Everybody starts out eager to Make Money, to learn and compete for the title and the prize. When you complete different tasks assigned to you your financial compensation score goes up. At the end of the program, you get prizes based on your production and ideas. Contestants navigate through a variety of business world, money related and physical challenges. Each is then looked at by a panel of judges and awarded points based on performance in several categories including creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, character, apparent enjoyment, financial gain and a few others. Everyone walks away a winner.

Each episode of BBC, includes segments of campers talents and skills whether it be with music ability or performing talent, or other form of artistic expression. The audience will be trained in 'Canned Laughter', Live Studio Audience Character. They'll learn to Boo, Cheer, Applause, stadium Roar,. These will be recorded and used for final gameshow filming and sit-com edits. .Live filming also takes place daily.

Billionaire Boot Camp and Entrepreneur Academy – It's a Reality TV Game Show and Character Building Journey for Kids – Participants ranging from 5-14 will engage in both real world money making experiences and fantasy-money games for fun and prizes. The show will feature a Guest Board of Advisors who will facilitate discussions and entertaining activities all built around the six pillars of character as outlined by the Palm Beach and Broward District Schools and our guests will show how these important character traits contributed to their financial success and happiness. Participants who successfully make it through Billionaire Boot Camps' program, will be accepted into and offered admission into a one year Entrepreneur Academy, engaging in FUNdraising and further developing a winning character. The program will be co-hosted by Celebrity Millionaire Entrepreneur, Sy Sperling, and feature a Guest Board of Advisors including local business owners, corporate executives, doctors, entertainers and educators.


Whether your 5 or 14, You could be part of the next BBC, Billionaire Business of Character. These Business Projects employ ILE methods (intergenerational learning environments) and bring together young aspiring wanna-be minds and teenage dreamers of fame and fortune with a Board of Directors, made up of Multi-Millionaires, PR and AD Execs, Celebrities, Dr.'s, CEO's, CPA's and a few more BBC's - Builders of Business Character .

The Billionaire Boot Camp program takes place at all Camp Hollywood locations.
Who wants to be a Billionaire ?

Exclaims Celebrity Millionaire Entrepreneur Sy Sperling, as he addresses the kidtestants and cameras on the set of the Billionaire Boot Camp. From Lemonade stands and cookie sales to cashing in on ebay, kids love making money. This adventure in entrepreneurship is for kids ages 5-14 who engage in real world money making activities and Fantasy money games for fun and prizes. This unique program resembling TV's "Apprentice" brings together young aspiring wanna-be minds and teenage dreamers of fame and fortune, with a specialized Board of Directors, made up of Millionaires, CEO's, Dr.'s, Educators and other young builders of good business character. To find out more call 561-715-0447

If you are interested in the Billionaire program but are over 14 years old or are not registered for Camp Hollywood, Please call 561-715-0447 and we will provide instructions to participate.